The Sword of Souls

Now i will continue with my dairy post! Now is the time for promagic! who can tell me how amazing is these outfit!? Well… ME! I love it, and it´s remember me the serie im watching “shadow hunters”, when i saw the sword, i can´t not put the name of the serie on the pic, just magical! I know on the serie most of the people looks pretty normal, but well, who cares, idk why i just think about that serie on my mind, but im still thinking on it, so, here is my crazy pic!

The Sword of Souls


  • [Maitreya] Mesh Body – Lara V4.0 Maitreya
  • [CATWA] HEAD Catya Bento CATWA
  • [BIRTH] 3rd Gen ‘Willow’ Catwa Applier – 02. Tone Birth
  • [BIRTH] 3rd Gen Maitreya Body Skin Applier – 02. Tone Birth
  • [Promagic] Yudh-Armlets/Mask-Gold/Harness @Fetish Fair 4th August  FetishFair  Promagic
  • [Promagic] Yudh-Suit/Heels Gold RARE @Fetish Fair 4th August FetishFair  Promagic
  • [Prey] In the Swirling Clouds Backboard + “Stars” Background Prey
  • [Blueberry] Oakley Wings – Gold  Blueberry
  • [Tableau Vivant] Hairplay – Down Blow – Fades Tableau Vivant
  • [Salacity] Love- Angel Cloud Photo Prop  Salacity  @Virtual Secret Event

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