My Jungle

I was writing with not sense at all cuz im mad with personal things, and now im just delet all my crazy thoughts! I think nobody read these but i can´t speak about political things atm, or RL work, or ALL THE STUPID THINGS arround here -_-

Im mad just that, is not a good day at all, i was just waiting for sit in front my computer and relax a little bit, enter to my home in world and listen the sound of the ocean for calm my soul…

Make a pic or two may be idk, just depends how i feel arround… For moment i want share these crazy pic, that idk makes me just be someone else, may be just someone more strong than the real me atm, someone who can kill the world for protect what she wants, i hope that beast inside me can some day appear for put my world arround in the correct place…

My Jungle



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