Starting with a meditation

Hey there! I want to share a new post with all of you until the events ends and lose it! I will explain a little bit! Is a gatcha item for the “the chapter four”, all the deco comes with anim. so are perfect for pics, also you can make them big/small!

I must say these work with my medition momento of the day! And im not jocking, really, i needed these moment for relax, i being with so much stress these weeks so, i get inspiration by these outfit and i back to meditate!

Now i have to run to classes sooooon, so i let you all enjoy these new complete set from Promagic!

Starting with meditation


  • [Maitreya] Mesh Body – Lara V4.0 Maitreya
  • [CATWA] HEAD Catya Bento CATWA
  • [BIRTH] 3rd Gen ‘Willow’ Catwa Applier – 02. Tone Birth
  • [BIRTH] 3rd Gen Maitreya Body Skin Applier – 02. Tone Birth
  • [Promagic] Work Out Set (clothes & deco) @The Chapter Four Promagic
  • [Tableau Vivant] Hair @Gym Red Tableau Vivant

_PROMAGIC_Gacha Sale.jpg

Also please check out promagic is on SALE GATCHA moment at store!!! Promagic


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