My keys, my jacket…

Nite to all! Im not going to entrance on details but today was a really strange day to me… Well i guess i will never going to be surprise about life has for me! IDK RL today was WEIRD, and i dont even know if is correct to speak about it on a post blog, but im burning inside!
It is just, i not understand why these things happen to me, im a kind person with everyone, i not want pp think im so much kind that may be “are a posibility for something else”, but pfff… Old friend of mine from collage called me today, ok was not weird cuz we speak a lot, but ok, was weird that he invite me to drink a beer at the evening, but sinceriusly i didnt took that like a “date” cuz, is my friend, i though he has problem with her dauther or with her wife and he needed a friedn to speak about it, to relax!
Well was all perfect, we spoke a lot, and he told about some problem he has… When i decide it was time to back home, also for him was late for dinner with his family he went with me to my car, but i find that normal cuz was dark and rainy so… I arrived to my car and i was trying to open the door, when i say ok “kiss kiss bye bye” and then WEIRD :S… He tried to kissed me and hold me back, he said me he cant stop thinking about me and he cant stop watching my trip pics, WTF! He is married and he has a 2 years old daghter, ofc im single but WTF really?! Well ofc i said NOOOOOO u are wrong IDK may be u took a bad impresion, im your friends just, stop! But well… WHY??? i dont know :C
I backed home and i´m still confuse, so i get a beer and i make some pics to try to relax even when my head can´t stop thinking… I hope can enjoy my pic, cuz then i not have nothing extra to say… I want just go bed and delet the day, XD!

My keys, my jacket



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  1. Moz Loordes says:

    As you say, Loly, he is married with children and shouldn’t be doing what he did. Maybe don’t answer calls or contact him for a while until he can learn to behave properly with friends.


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