The Wedding Chapel

I want to close these day with the theme special that i will be speaking all these round of The Trunk Show Event “Weddings”, and what is the “icon of these day”, well at least one of the most important places for some of us, i guess im doing these a little bit hard because thinking about movies may be is just an important icon in latin america, but well im not going to continue with these weird words, but im sure was an icon on the past, lol! Yes, yes im speaking about the Wedding Chapel, we all know that in modern world these can be represent on many ways, but well here on these event are a designer who made a wonderful work and i want to show it so we can all enjoy it, and may be think about “weddings”

The Wedding Chapel


  • [Maitreya] Mesh Body – Lara V4.0 Maitreya
  • [CATWA] HEAD Catya Bento CATWA
  • [BIRTH] 3rd Gen ‘Willow’ Catwa Applier – 02. Tone Birth
  • [BIRTH] 3rd Gen Maitreya Body Skin Applier – 02. Tone Birth
  • [BIRTH] 3rd Gen Eye Catwa Makeup – Glam – Set 4 Birth 
  • [The Annex] Brooke Dress – White – Maitreya @TheTrunkShow The Annex
  • [EMPIRE] Geranium – Maitreya
  • [Glam Affair] Kalia Necklace Pearly
  • [EMO-tions] * MARLEE * Hair  @TheTrunkShow EMO-tions
  • [Serenity Style] Wedding Poses @TheTrunkShow

Deco: These will be on Event also check down for details @TheTrunkShow              Cherry House   Serenity Sttle

  • [Cherry house-{{C.H}]-Wedding chapel
  • [Cherry house-{{C.H}]1.-Cross
  • [Cherry house-{{C.H}]4.-wedding Red carpet
  • [Cherry house-{{C.H}]5.-Wedding vase column
  • [Cherry house-{{C.H}]3.-Altar
  • [Cherry house-{{C.H}] 6.-Candlestick
  • [Serenity Style]- Vintage Prayer Stool

48b0e5b1-s Flickr  Facebook  MarketPlace

34905923756_38c5538097_b-400x380Flickr  Blog  MarketPlace

The Trunk Show@Soon The Trunk Show Will Start 19th August

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