Near the field of sunflowers


Deco: Bee Desings   Bee Desings Marketplace

[Bee Designs] Sweet Moments Garden set -Sunflowers pg: @On9

    • Bee Designs Sweet Moments Blanket
    • Bee Designs Sweet Moments Garden set -Sunflowers basket
    • Bee Designs Sweet Moments Trees
    • Bee Designs Sweet Moments stump
    • Bee Designs Sweet Moments Garden set -Sunflowers

Near the field of sunflowers

I just can say i hope can enjoy my pics, im doing my best, i hope soon can have extra energy, probably on friday i will have free time to take some pics and enjoy and relax day, i just can´t wait because between work, stress, the new department, missing my dogs, just feel little bit idiot, idk strange still on my new place… I think time will keep me fine but for moment i dont even know what to say or how i have to feel. I enjoy very much almost every day, but when i go visit my dogs at my mother house i feel empty, and i miss them. I know they are better there and Felipe needs time because move him now without all the precautions will stress him so much and can be bad for his heart, but i just miss hug him, and i miss all my angels that are not on earth anymore, and idk why im feeling all these being alone… I need a time with my computer just relax and take my pics, but for that i need my brain working and my eyes open, i need a clear head, and a rest body, atm im just broke… See you all soon!!! Ty for follow me 🙂 im happy to know there are always someone on the other side of the screem!


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