Today we are going to learn a lesson…


Today we are going to learn some rules

Ok now let´s talk about the little links i made on two brands. First at all Rebel Hope is participating on Charity event so the 100% profits will go for Max Event (please take a time to know about these little event that is happening atm Reason for the Event)

Max Love Poster Rebel Hope

Now let´s talk about TLC HOME. The are participating on “Rock your Rack”, and they probably want to know what is these, so here a short explanation: these event is to raise funds for the Breast Cancer foundation, the item on the box is 100% donation for these serius problem arround the world.

I hope they can enjoy my pics and also can go to visit both events, these is not just a “shopping moment” they must think that they are getting great products and also are helping others! Take care!!! I let one other pic where they can see better the great garden! Come full of flowers arround and with a fountain on the middle!

The lesson of the day.jpg

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