I`m a Peacock


  • [Maitreya] Mesh Body – Lara V4.0
  • [CATWA] HEAD Catya Bento
  • [Session] Alive Mesh Eyes v1.0 L/R + HuD (six different colours, HuD fix position)
  • [Birth] ‘Penelope’ Catwa Appliers
  • [Birth] Maitreya Body Applier tone 02
  • [Zibska] Amani Catwa Applier (makeup lips) @Sense Event
  • [Zibska] Beau Catwa Applier (makeup eyes) @Sense Event
  • [Truth] Caralisa Hair
  • [The Annex] Shake Your Tail Feather Gacha (corset, peacock bodice, peacock bustle, peacock headress, skirt, train) @Pocket Gatcha
  • [Emozione] COUPLE POSE **Never Let You Go** (modify for one)

I`m a Peacock

Yesterday night when I recieve the item from “the annex” I said on the group “OMG I have the pic on my brain for these, but idk if is going to be possible to make it… so far the brain with reality”

Today I must say, something like these was my first brain view, and I did it! I feel that I didn`t take a pic, I feel I did art, I not want to look conky (idk if is the correct word) but I just love how these image look. Well I hope I share these love to many of you…

Happy weekend!


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