Flowers all arround


Photo at Little Branch Marketplace

Flowers all arround!

Again with the Sense Event and NOW is OPEN!!! So what you are waiting?! Is a new Event in Town, and a lot of important brands are participating, you can´t lose it!
Here I´m at Little Branch Sim where you can come to visit and take some pics too, is not only the store place, is also a beautiful place to relax and hang out with friends, listen musci and take some pics!
With a new realese for these event from GIZ Seorn, beautiful skirt&top, earrings from shanghai also exclusive for the event, and plus always the lovely nails from slackgirl which i love it, with two news for these special edition.
I can say to all of you shopper adictive, because I was like that, and I only visit the events most common, until one day I saw that there were nothing interesting and new anymore, that I realise that there are NOW tons of event goiong on, may be not so much famous, may be no so much big, but diserves always a change to be visit!
Trust me you will not lose time! Have fun!

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@Sense Event Landmark
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