Walking to the ballroom


  • [Maitreya] Mesh Body – Lara V4.0
  • [CATWA] HEAD Catya Bento
  • [Session] Alive Mesh Eyes v1.0 L/R + HuD (six different colours, HuD fix position)
  • [Birth] ‘Penelope’ Catwa Appliers
  • [Birth] Maitreya Body Applier tone 02
  • [Truth] Halona Hair
  • [Sweet Kajira]  G a l i l e a dress black Maitreya @Sense Event
  • [JUMO Originals] Ruth Jewelry @Sense Event

Walking to the ballroom

I want to make one more post from the Sense Event, I´m still trying to make all post like I used to do with events, is just sometimes the RL time with SL time match so much, and we ofc have things to do… So I took these pic few days ago, and with all the mix pics I being taking I forget about it!, so better now than never righ!? BTW the dress is just AMAZING, original, different than the most gowns we used to see in SL, and plus super sexy but still glamorous!

Sense Event logo
@Sense Event Landmark
YouTube Channel

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