Sexy legs


Sexy Legs

Ok reading a huge discussion about what we should link/no link, show or not show as a blogger, credit/no credit, well, I decide that “these is me!”, I`m not perfect but I do what I can, I know sometimes I lost some things, I know also when I make a deco scene I not put all the landmarks, but reading some managers comments help me a lot to re think the way of what I really want for ME, so if I forget something is just because ofc “time or mistake or just human forgotten”. For me I try to take these like a hobby, but ofc is a hobby that I very love, take pics, relax, make funny things, but I`m not perfect, sometimes I have the deadline and I must to do the post, because I do mess on the computer and then I find the pics and may be I have few time, and I do it when I have to run to work but I want to do it cuz I not want fail, and OFC for sure I forget some part. Also sometimes I have to make a lot of deco pics, and I need to remove the things from the land so when I have to blog it, I just write the stuff that I have the names, and the rest is just things that I remeber the brands but not the names so YEAH is my bad for be a little bit crazy mess person. I will pay more attention so all can be happy!

For moment, check that “rawr” tights from The Annex, matching with that “rawr” pattron shoes from Scandalize! Are not cute all in roses?!


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