The source of thoughts


The source of thoughts

First at all for I want to speak about these pic, I use the Bella Dream Set from Serenity Style with a little extra deco. Ofc I tried to think on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tail, that´s why I tried to represent the magic fountain with the wicked rose, I use extra deco from keke and half-deer, and the beautiful trees from Little Branch.

Ok two days ago a huge discussion started on facebook about “what a blogger do with their blogs”, meanning if we credit all and we give landmark, if we only blog for our sponsors, if we make propertly links on flickr to the events or places, etc. I wrote a lot of things, and I realise that noone is wrong, is just “personal”, and be choose or not for a brand is also personal to the creator or owner. Saying these I realise that I feel much more better with my traffic flickr before when I linked all my sponsors brands to the events, because people like to have all fast when something like. I know also is double work, and is not my intension my blog be a the best magazine for SL because is just a blog, and I´m just a number, and are thouthen or people who has much more followers and likes than me, but I want really give an extra help to “my sponsors” but showing the credits if that for me is not extra work, as also show the landmark to the store I think that if I have time I will back to be my old me. I also will keep my focus on use the more as I can for my fashion sets, or deco pics the things from my sponsors first, they will have also an extra attention with different kind of letter, but I guess is what I feel when I enter to a blog or I see a pic, if I find something that really love and that has no name (i not really care about the landmark i can look for it) but if idk where to start is probably a negative review for me and I will  not back there. I changed the way to post on flickr cuz I wanted more traffic on my blog, but I guess who still like my review they still come, not mattter if I do the extra on flickr for the people are help me to promote myself, so “old Loly back”!


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