Resting on my little space



  1. [CHEZ MOI] Garden Shelf (Lemon tree-Shelf-Potted Basil-Potted Oregano-Potted Mint)@Shinny Shabby Marketplace
  2. [CHEZ MOIDublin Entry Set (Sign and Hangers-Bench-CloverPot)@Deco(c)rate Marketplace
  3. [CHEZ MOI] Hanging Chair Bali Marketplace
  4. [kosmii] Cicada Wind Chime[silver/no sound] @Shinny Shabby
  5. [Granola] Allison’s Distressed Birdcage Lamps. Cooper @Clique
  6. [Serenity Style] ChoiBoi Fresh Air Backdrop @The Liasion Collaborative

Resting on my little space

I made two pics for these post, the first one is for the Aris&Aris Outfit SALE, but on the backdrop they can see the deco items, which I put on a new pic for FOCUS on them. So on the deco pic we can see the new two sets from CHEZ MOI one for Shinny Shabby , the other for Deco(c)rate, then the amazing new item from kosmii which is perfect for deco any special place, also for Shinny Shabby and you can choose between silver, black or gold. The last one are the cute amazing new lamps from Granola which are avaible for the next round of Clique, and you can get them on gold, green or black! The backgroun is from Serenity Style, and th

My little entrance

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