The glamorous suite

There`s are something about hotel rooms
that just tastes better
Their silent is more silent
You`re stacked and line-up
and you still feel so out of the way
Have you ever made love on a hotel room?
Soundless, pricey mini-bars as foreplay
First light through those gauzy drapes
that don`t belong to you
Making love on those crips white sheets
that don`t belong to you
That feeling, that for a moment maybe,
you are another person …

The glamorous suite

Serenity Style Musicland Nashville @6th Republic DEMO Area

  • Serenity Style- Musicland Nashville Amplifier
  • Serenity Style- Musicland Nashville Acoustic Guitar

kosmii 6th Republic Special (from Florida) @6th Republic DEMO Area

  • kosmii :: Bronzed Gator Head
  • kosmii :: Lovebug Light

BIGBULLY  Patton Loft @6th Republic DEMO Area

David Heather  Balla @6th Republic DEMO Area

  • -David Heather-Balla Shelf
  • -David Heather-Balla Stereo
  • -David Heather-Balla Wall Art
  • -David Heather-Balla Wall Mid
  • -David Heather-Balla Lamp
  • -David Heather-Balla Console
  • -David Heather-Balla Backpack
  • -David Heather-Balla Coffee Table
  • -David Heather-Balla Plant
  • -David Heather-Balla Phone
  • -David Heather-Balla Coffee
  • -David Heather-Balla Sofa
  • -David Heather-Balla Coat Rack
  • -David Heather-Balla TV Cabinet
  • -David Heather-Balla Mirror
  • -David Heather-Balla Wall Section
  • -David Heather-Balla Chandelier
  • -David Heather-Balla Remote Holder
  • -David Heather-Balla Sidetable
  • -David Heather-Balla Wine Rack
  • -David Heather-Balla Floor Lamp
  • -David Heather-Balla Rug

Quasi Downtown + Grind City @6th Republic DEMO Area

  • Quasi – Downtown Gacha 20
  • Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 16
  • Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 15
  • Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 17
  • Quasi – Downtown Gacha RARE
  • Quasi – Grind City Guitar

[MB] BOURBON @6th Republic DEMO Area

  • 2 [MB] BOURBON -Ciger Server (touch)- RARE
  • 14 [MB] BOURBON -Bottle set (C)-
  • 14 [MB] BOURBON -Bottle Set (B)-
  • 14 [MB] BOURBON -Bottle Set (A)-
  • 9 [MB] BOURBON Tasting set (display

KraftWork Puget Sound @6th Republic DEMO Area

  • KraftWork Puget Sound Hanging Lamp
  • KraftWork Puget Sound Pouffe Light
  • KraftWork Puget Sound Stool

A new decor and landscaping event showcasing a broad selection of designers in one place with the creativity, passion and uniqueness to provide us with exclusive 100% original mesh creations inspired in the theme selected for each round.

For each round and theme we will draw inspiration from different corners of locations around the world; a way to travel and convey to people through decoration.

6 Republic May 2018 AD
Teleport to the Event
May 6th @ 12pm SLT
May 20th @ 12 pm SLT
6 REPUBLIC LOGO 2017 2018
6th Republic
Official flickr
Official Facebook

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