A relaxing place near the beach

Relaxing breathe
With a single choice,
my anxiety is gone…
gone from my mind and my heart.
Now that I am ease,
the world feels different
as so do I…

Are some intruders on my spa


June’s Pool Lounger in 5 colors with print and solid versions
June’s Pedestal Table in 2 concrete options
June’s String Lights in gold, silver and black options with on/off scripted lighting
June’s Tropical Sunset Beverage

 Once Upon time… Budha & Incense
The Loft – Yoga Tray
The Loft – Studio Bench
TA Buddha Incense Set
[we’re CLOSED] weave basket L grey
[we’re CLOSED] knit stool light
Fancy Decor: Incense Urn (silver)
Schadenfreude Boston Dog Days of Summer Frisbee
Schadenfreude Boston Dog Days
+Half-Deer+ Sandy Tracks – Pawprints (big)
Trompe Loeil – Lilah Beach Awning

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