Age marks

Scars tell the stories of your past
A rock when I was four years old
Her grandmother’s iron when she was six years old
The ramshackle railing
The banks of the church
The sticky track that was fifteen years old
Anything can leave a scar
Only some scars are more noticeable than others

But it’s not just the scars, it’s the corns and bruises
Birthmarks and wrinkles
Your nails that will never stop peeling
His calluses carry the hopes and dreams on his shoulders
Their bloody noses from a softball or cold, thin air

When she walks she can see that her muscles tense
You can see the bruises on his shins, they are dazzling memories of his past
His balance is not perfect, but neither are his teeth, hair, face, skin
It’s her imperfections that make her perfect

Age marks

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