Bungalow in Gili

Many years ago I met a beautiful island
called Gili; It was on my trip to Indonesia
near Bali
I had been told it was a paradise
you could walk on foot in two and a half hours
Surrounded by a turquoise blue sea,
completely transparent
a coral reef of the most beautiful
and colorful I’ve seen
There I spent three days in a small Bungalow
A small house completely open,
surrounded by curtains around
but in total contact with nature
How nice it is to somehow be able to recreate
and go back to those sites through SL
Bungalow in Gili

Serenity Style La Habana Beach @The Liasion Collaborative

Serenity Style-La Habana Beach Hut RARE
Serenity Style-La Habana Beach Draped Chair Red
Serenity Style-La Habana Beach Table
Serenity Style-La Habana Beach Cushion Chair RED
Serenity Style- La Habana Lounge
Serenity Style-La Habana Beach

TM Creation The Shells BE4 @Sense Event

~The Shells Beach Bed PG anims. BE4
~Bedside Table “The Shells” Decors BE4
~Book Double BE4
~Pillow The Shells BE4
~Rug The Shells BE4
~Open Seashell decor

Bee-Designs  Pool Decor Gacha 1 @Gatchaland

Little Branch SwampOakTree{Animated}4Seasons @The Liasion Collaborative

Little Branch DracaenaTree.V1{Animated} @Hello Tuesday

Zen Creations Zen Beach Ready Set

Sense Event logo

Sense Event

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  1. Beautiful and fabulous photography, so colorful and so much fun, scene setups are amazing, love the clarity and real-life feel to these, thank you for including Zen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Always amazing words, ty for the support and let me work with you!!!


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