Tropical Beach

I can see across the tropical sea,
the wonderful landscapes stand out behind the sea,
in the landscapes I can see the steep jagged mountains.

I can smell the fresh air,
in the air there was a hint of fruit from the trees.
as I turned my head I could smell fish and chips.

I could taste the delightfulness of the fruit,
as I swam in the sea I could taste the salty water.

As I stood on the beach I could hear seagulls screeching,
as I swam the dolphins were singing.
In the background there was the roaring of the near by waterfall.

I could touch tropical plants.
The water was warm.
and that was my trip to the beach.

Tropical beach

Galland Homes Freeman Day Bed by Galland Homes – PG V1 Fameshed

CHEZ MOI Beach Hut CHEZ MOI ULTRA Event Open 15th July

Serenity Style Shiva Beach Tent ULTRA Event Open 15th July (A lovely set of 2 tents in 2 different versions (open and with courtain) with 4 different textures to change by touch)

IONIC The Shore Gatcha Set @The Chapter Four

ionic : The Shore House – RARE
ionic : Sun beach Sign
ionic : Shore fence
ionic : Shore path (curve)
ionic : Shore path (straight)
ionic : Faro (lighthouse)
ionic : Summer Flags
ionic : Beach chair
ionic : Lifesaver
ionic : Beach toilet
ionic : Fuse Box
ionic : Shore light pole
ionic : To Beach Sign

Granola Solana’s Set.

Granola. Solana’s Pouf. Navy.
Granola. Solana’s Beach Umbrella. Taupe&Navy.
Granola. Solana’s Pouf. Cream.

Little Branch DracaenaTree.V1{Animated} @Hello Tuesday

Little Branch SwampOakTree{Animated}4Seasons @The Liasion Collaborative

Zen Creations 

Ball from Zen Beach Ready Set
Stone Candle in bowl (touch for flames)
Serenity Lantern
Serenity Plank Candles

IONIC Wild is the wind

*ionic* Piled Messy Chairs
*ionic* Distressed Piled Windows
*ionic* Mary go round
*ionic* Ancient Gate RARE

TLC HOME Pelican and Seagulls

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