Diary Post

Summer spa

Warmth covers me
as summer progresses this night.
Relaxing my souls to dreamland
A new and refreshing dream-land
is now in my sights.
Crickets chirping
the blinking of bright stars above
Are beacons of security
I feel free as a bird.

Summer spa

Zen Creations Serenity Tub Set (Adult menu)

Serenity Tub
Serenity Shower Head
Serenity Rug
Serenity Candle Jar 2/1/3
Serenity Hanging Willows
Serenity LanternSerenity Arbor
Serenity Plank Candles
Serenity Towel on Hanger

Zen Creations Stone Candle Set (BAGGED)


ionic : Tiramisu & Vanilla Sundae
ionic : Delicieux


Granola. Uma’s Incense Holder. White.
Granola. Uma’s Rose Incense Sticks.
Granola. Zhara Lanterns. Iron Short.


[ keke ] bottled roses heart – white
[ keke ] paper whites – group
[ keke ] bottled roses – white

{vespertine} – bathroom stool.


*LODE* Decor – Philadelphus Vase

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Period Coffee Table

1 thought on “Summer spa”

  1. Absolutely stunning photography, amazing seen set up with such a great amount of attention to detail, items fitting so well with each other, great shadows and wind light, love it, thank you!


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