Forest Motel

Finally a place to rest awhile
Smoked and frayed with a hazy smile
Focused on the next few miles
Towards the Great Northwest
Where I can finally rest

The mountains still meditate
While I pay the motel rates
But I can’t stay a minute late
I’ll just skip the bill
Slip out the windowsill

I wish this road would never end
I feel like I’m back home again
But what’s around this forest?
Maybe I’ll find a home
Or a love I’ve never known

Forest Motel

IONIC  Highway Motel Set @The Chapter Four

ionic : Highway Motel – RARE
ionic : Main Curse – Croquetas
ionic : Main Curse – Vegetable Lasagna
ionic : Starter – Salmorejo
ionic : Motel Payphone
ionic : Soda Vending Machine
ionic : Wooden Motel Table
ionic : Starter – Sweet potato and zucchini balls
ionic : Main Curse – Russian Salad
ionic : Dessert – Ice Cream
ionic : Dessert – Dulce de leche Pudding
ionic : Dessert – Chocolate Popsicle
ionic : Highway Motel sign
ionic : Wooden Motel Chair
ionic : Ice vending Machine
ionic : Dessert – Banana Cake
ionic : Starter – Steamed potatoes
ionic : Motel Parking lot – RARE

Little Branch LB_BurOak{Animated}4Seasons

Little Branch  LB_SweetChestNut*7Li{Seasons}*Animated

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