Diary Post

Picnic with new friends

i just want to stay up all night
writing, perhaps.
watching the starry sky
with a handsome stranger,
running red lights and trespassing
regardless of danger.
maybe a late-night drive
with the windows rolled down,
a romantic stroll
through this sleepy beach.
how about a midnight picnic
with my favorite lover?
whole summer spent promising
there will never be another.
i’ll tell you again:
i don’t care what we do,
because anything becomes everything
when i’m doing it with you.

Pinic with new friends

CHEZ MOI Floating Picnic Table (Adult) @Cosmopolitan

TLC HOME Puffin Island Set+Albatross Island SET+Albatross Flying (including rock, animated with sound (on/off)) @Cosmopolitan

Little Branch DracaenaTree.V1{Animated}

IONIC Fiesta! Set

ionic : Limonada!
ionic : Veggie Burger & Fries
ionic : Strawberry Drink
ionic : Orange Drink
ionic : Tzatziki Dip & Cookies
ionic : Aperitivo
ionic : Pizza to go!
ionic : Birras!


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