Diary Post

Play the piano for me

Playing piano, it’s like I have a treasure chest,
each time I hit a note it resonates
like unto a sparkling jewel in glittering crest.
If I had a song I could write that could
reveal and unravel, your true feelings expressed,
I would play it for you in these endless depths.
Surrounded by fear, loss and by worry,
You’ve left me in the endless circling spin,
I’m floating in an empty abyss, no hurry.
But one day when you find me in the dark,
hopefully there is enough light from a fading

chord that will grant you one last spark.

The glistening notes continue to play out forever in
the glittering starlit skies, accompanied by natural
hues, white gold moon, eyes, and darkness in disguise.

Play the piano for me

Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

Head Lelutka Head.Greer 3.0 Bento

Skin Head Session Hailey for LELUTKA – Tone02  Marketplace

Skin Body Session Maitreya Body Applier – Tone02 Marketplace

Hand Jewels Amias ALWYN silver – Maitreya  @The Trunk Show

Nails ::SG:: Days Stilleto MESH Nails for Maitreya @The Trunk Show

Dress Scandalize  DIAMANTE Maitreya @Kinky (Option colors: Dress: 22 Solid-20 Extra. Panty: 22 Solid-20 Extra. Sizes: Maitreya, Isis, Freya, and Hourglass.)

Hair Tableau Vivant Falling hair – Downfall– Blonds SOON@Arcade

Pose Luanes World BENTO Poses – Attention

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