Diary Post

Strange day

All what we think in our mind,
is as per it’s confined range!
Isn’t that strange?

All we feel depends on what we perceive.
Still we don’t change!
Isn’t that strange?

All what we are confused about is due to our own created circumstance.
Still, we are unable to arrange!
Isn’t that strange?

Strange Day

IONIC  Strange Days Gatcha Set@The Chapter Four

ionic : I have seen the future (Paper Art)
ionic : Water Storage
ionic : Why did you kiss me (Paper Art)
ionic : Checkpoint – RARE
ionic : Abandoned Building – RARE
ionic : Control Point
ionic : Antenna
ionic : Bus stop
ionic : Abandoned Sign
ionic : Wire Fence
ionic : Strange Days_ Bloggers
ionic : CINEMA Old Sign
ionic : Eternal Life
ionic : Traffic Lights
ionic : Storehouse – RARE


ionic : Highway Motel sign
                                                     ionic : Highway Motel – RARE                                                                                                       ionic Distressed Piled Windows                                                     ionic Piled Messy Chairs
ionic Mary go round

Serenity Style

Old Cableway Wagon RARE1 (pink) @Vanity Event
                                           Old ferris wheel seats @Shinny Shabby                                                Skippy Scooter RUST RARE

Little Branch

LB_LombardyPoplar{Animated}5Seasons TMD
LB_PersimmonTree{Animated}4Seasons @PocketShop


uK – Old Americana Seat Black
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1-2
uK – Old Americana Seat Black

O.M.E.N – Spring Daisies Truck – (No Poses)

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