Near the river

This little house reminds me of Bariloche, a city in the province of Rio Negro in southern Argentina. The typical houses of wood in sight, surrounded by immense mountain peaks and beautiful rivers. A warm atmosphere, which invites us to relax, to take a few mates sitting near the water admiring the landscape, there if it is summer, wetting the feet in those transparent turquoise blue lakes.
This beautiful house is the new collection of Galland Homes , has a beautiful ground floor, and two rooms on the top floor, a large fireplace in the main room and beautiful windows that allow a lot of light.
If you pay attention to the small raft with plants that are close to the river you can see the beautiful and rustino set of hanging lights of GOOSE that I put very delicately on the sides to illuminate the sector.
The ducklings that follow their mother can find them in TLC HOME  & GARDEN.
The beautiful and rustic game that I put on the porch is Apple Fall was the Set Gatcha that they released for 6th Republic.
I hope to be able to transport you to a moment of peace and relaxation that is what I have felt putting together this scene!

Near the river

Galland Homes 

Galland Rezz Franklin


Double lightstring (light on/off option)

Little Branch

LB_LombardyPoplar{Animated}5Seasons TMD
LB_PersimmonTree{Animated}4Seasons @PocketShop


TLC Canadian Goose – Swimming
TLC Canadian Goose Duckling Swimming

Apple Fall

*AF* Santa Fe Patio Gatcha (complete)

crate Bayou Paddle Boat ~ PG Decor

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