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Una pequeña sala

A small room to decant … I think that making a place of your own is very important for each person, to have that small space where we know we will relax, where we can listen to music, watch TV for a while, prepare the agenda, read the mails Zen Creations brings us what they called a whimsical and eclectic sofa with multiple color combinations, accompanied by a small puff that we can use to stretch our legs, while working on the perfectly decorated glass table, where I have my most necessary elements of Peaches, my tablet, my calendar, my phone!
Anyway … another example of a beautiful small space that you could have in SL!

Una pequeña sala

Zen Creations MKP

Zen’s new Eccentric Sofa Set. Adult & PG versions both included. Each pillow, blanket, pouf, curtain and rug texture change separately, main sofa area and curtains can also be tinted to any color in spectrum. Unlimited texture change combinations! Sofa pillows hide/show on touch.


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.peaches. Bae’s Journal – Summer

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