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Happy Halloween Scene

I know that many are excited about this time of year, obviously I mean “halloween”, however, it is difficult for me to create scenes thinking about it. I live in a country where it was never a tradition, however, a couple of years ago in some specific places (especially private villas) began to celebrate, so the children had a day to go out and collect sweets. Actually, it became something like one of the most commercial parties we all know.
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to live a Halloween in person, while visiting some friends in Canada. I really felt wonderful, all the preparations, look for a costume, set the itinerary, buy sweets, decorations …
I was in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the neighborhood community each year selected a house to put together the month of Halloween, for a small contribution that everyone was invited to visit, and the different neighbors took turns in costumes to scare those to whom they were arriving; Obviously, the magnitude and the deployment of the place could never have crossed my mind. They practically left some rooms for everyday life, and the park and the rest of the house were really a horror series of theme parks. The amount of decorations, without adding special effects, lights, moving items, sound, was incredible.For me it will always be a party that I will remember and will carry in my heart …
A bit to leave my memories, I know that for other cultures it does not have to be so chilling or represent only the dark, so with the help of the new set of GOOSE , and the halloween details of Bee-Designs  and Chez moi, accompanying the scene with decorations of Serenity Style, TLC HOME, dust bunny , and finally crowning the landscape the beautiful new source of [Kres] would rather make a warm place where you can spend time with friends, with colors and good energy, to eat those rich chocolates and candies, maybe contanto beautiful stories of how we all had a special Halloween in our lives …

Happy Halloween Scene

GOOSE Harvest time gacha set @Cosmopolitan

GOOSE – Barrel
GOOSE – bag apples
GOOSE – Harvest time single sofa A
GOOSE – Milk can White
GOOSE – Apples sign
GOOSE – Pile hay
GOOSE – Shelter
GOOSE – Harvest sign
GOOSE – Harvest time big couch ADULT RARE
GOOSE – pile of apples
GOOSE – Harvest time table
GOOSE – Old ladder
GOOSE – Candle
GOOSE – Milk can grey

Bee-Designs Trick Or Treating Gacha @Shinny Shabby

[Kres]  Lily Pond – PG @Cosmopolitan


Metalic Pumpkin Decor CHEZ MOI
Fall Pumpkin Decor CHEZ MOI
Small Pumpkins Basket CHEZ MOI

Serenity Style  Serenity Style- Autumn cart

TLC HOME TLC Chicken Gacha

dust bunny

dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . red apple tree
dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . cherry tree
dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . green apple tree
dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . clementines
dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree

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