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A mix between retro and elegant

A couple of months ago I participated in the 6th Republic event, and the first thing I remembered when I saw this new Mudhoney set was how perfect it could be mixed with the deco that I had from those times. And so to show that everything does not have to be flowers, and pastel colors, I decided to make a room a more masculine style. With a retro but elegant touch. With golden colors that bring me warmth and luminance, and nuances between black and white. Playing a little with the lights, and the shadows, I present this small living room that is, for my taste, well balanced!

A mix between retro and elegance

Mudhoney  MudHoney Wren Set MKP (PG and Adult version sofa, pillows texture change) (Last Collabor88 now at the store)

MudHoney Wren Sofa w/ Pillows – White
MudHoney Wren Console Table
MudHoney Wren Coffee Table
MudHoney Brass Frog
MudHoney Wren Mirror
MudHoney Wren Side Table
MudHoney Wren Rug

Serenity Style Musicland Nashville 

Serenity Style- Musicland Nashville Amplifier
Serenity Style- Musicland Nashville Acoustic Guitar
Serenity Style- Musicland Nashville Electric Guitar ULTRA RARE

David Heather  Balla

-David Heather-Balla Floor Lamp
-David Heather-Balla Wall Large
-David Heather-Balla Lamp
-David Heather-Balla Chandelier
-David Heather-Balla Wall Art
-David Heather-Balla Cactus
-David Heather-Balla Laptop
-David Heather-Balla Phone
-David Heather-Balla Remote Holder
-David Heather-Balla Bags
-David Heather-Balla Backpack

220ML Alabama Style

220ML – Alabama Style [Sealed Bottle]
220ML – Alabama Style [Cup w/ Liquid]
220ML – Alabama Style [Peanuts]
220ML – Alabama Style [Case w/ Cigar]


2 [MB] BOURBON -Ciger Server (touch)- RARE
14 [MB] BOURBON -Bottle set (C)-
14 [MB] BOURBON -Bottle Set (B)-
14 [MB] BOURBON -Bottle Set (A)-
9 [MB] BOURBON Tasting set (display

MeshWork ~Dunes (mod-Copy)

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Organic Form Chair – White

dust bunny

dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree


*LODE* Decor – Snapdragon Vase [white]

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