Diary Post


Pumpkins! It was all he thought about as he built this set. Yes, seriously, I only thought about the things I could cook with pumpkins, and I realized that for many places there is something traditional, called pumpkin pie, so I was looking for the recipe because I think I want to prepare one and thus understand what everyone talks about!
Going to the post, the different pumpkins are unKindness, come in various shapes and colors to decorate the whole garden, the beautiful armchair with the warmth of the stove are CHEZ MOI, have the possibility of changing the colors to the blanket. Everything is built inside the new hall of Serenity Style, and surrounded by the beautiful maple trees of Little Branch , I that you start to decorate that each time is less for halloween! And do not forget the PUMPKINS! The extra deco are from another post, are from GOOSE and Bee-Designs.


Serenity Style @Blueprint

Serenity Style- Merloc Rusty Hall
Serenity Style- Merloc Rusty Cart

CHEZ MOI @Cosmopolitan

Riverdale Firepit CHEZ MOI
Riverdale Hay Couch (Adult/PG) CHEZ MOI

Little Branch LB_BigRedMaple{Animated}6Seasons Uber

unKindness uK – PunkinPatch Set @FameshedGO

GOOSE Harvest time gacha set @Cosmopolitan

GOOSE – Harvest sign
GOOSE – Milk can grey/white
GOOSE – Old ladder
GOOSE – pile of apples
GOOSE – bag apples

Bee-Designs Trick Or Treating Gacha @Shinny Shabby

dust bunny dwarf fruit trees . cherry tree

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