Diary Post

The witches cave

I am learning to play a little with the lights and shadows, the truth is that the other picture I took of this same style I loved but I am very dark, so I was watching some tutorials (I do not know anything about photoshop, I am a doctor in RL, therefore this of arranging the photos so that they look more beautiful, it costs me a lot and I rely on what I can learn a little bit), so anyway … I really wanted to do something spooky since everything what I’m going to show is for this halloween, and for my little heart I think I’m good! So you can go running through the stores to get this divine set of Fapple, remember that is full of animations (for the whole year!), The beautiful details of the decorations leave you with your mouth open !. Helping me assemble my scene we found a new set of Refuge with beautiful super detailed candelabra, pumpkin plates, a divine console and some pictures that “square the occasion”. SPELL  gives me that touch of chill, which along with deco that had DRD make the place more dark; And finally, what can not be missing on Halloween ?! PUMPKINS !!! Yes, those are from [Kres] , and they all say dirty things … And I add extra light with the amazing chandeliers from aKa .

The witches cave

Fapple HS Full Set M/f and F/m (A Halloween set that you can keep after Halloween because the decoration works through out the whole year. The set is modify and copy and holds:-the mantelpiece with mirror and rag, decorated many cute items like a skull with a ball gag!-the drawer unit with decoration-Doors and sheet with bats and spiders :)-A witch coat hook with coat, witch hat, broom and a whip of course-A BDSM pillory with animations for both femdom and maledom-a BDSM chair with both maledom and femdom cuddles, solo sits, sex and bdsm and many cute props and a worm carpet)

Fapple- Witch Hooks
Fapple- HS mantelpiece
Fapple- Worm Rug
Fapple- HS Doors & Sheet
Fapple- HS Drawer Unit
Fapple- HS BDSM Pillory
Fapple- HS Set BDSM Chair – Maledom and Femdom

Refuge Eclectic Halloween Gacha @SALEM

Refuge – Pumpkin Candy Dish Black
Refuge – Industrial Hallway Table
Refuge – Medical Wall Hanging Head
Refuge – Candlestick Candle
Refuge – Candlestick Pumpkin
Refuge – Candlestick Skull
Refuge – Candelabra Gold Grunge
Refuge – Medical Wall Hanging Skeleton
Refuge – Golden Pumpkin Group
Refuge – Boo Table Stand

[Kres]  @Kinky

[Kres] Pervy Pumpkins – Kinky – C/M
[Kres] Pervy Pumpkins – XXX – C/M
[Kres] Pervy Pumpkins – Daddy – C/M
[Kres] Pervy Pumpkins – Babygirl – RARE – C/M

SPELL Obscuro Gatcha Set (on the store)

SPELL : Human Skull
SPELL : Magic spells RARE
SPELL : Alien Fetus RARE
SPELL : Alchemy humid way RARE
SPELL : Forgotten Victorian Chair {dark}
SPELL : Forgotten Victorian Frames

aKa Corona Chandelier Black w bows 

DRD MM wiccan pentagram
DRD MM web GIFT Pack

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