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My therapy

A few years ago I visited a friend in Poland, and it turns out that her parents had a gigantic stable, and between competition horses, and races, they had therapy horses. I always marvel at Zootherapy, however I have only come to see up close how dogs are treated, since as a pediatrician I have been invited to see support groups for children with autism. I had never been near horses for therapy, I assumed it would be like when you simply ride a horse and go for a walk, however, those animals make you feel wonderful things, not only are they super intuitive, but they are also like an energy charger , they really touch you deeply and the connection that is generated is a stimulus that until today is engraved in my heart …

Speaking of the post, tomorrow is Saturday and The Annex again has a special discount, plus they can see some extra things that will be today at the opening of Vanity Event. And thanks to Secret Poses  that brought us this beautiful structure with several poses for our SL.

My therapy

Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

Head Lelutka Head.Greer 3.0 Bento

Skin Head Session Hailey for LELUTKA – Tone02  Marketplace

Skin Body Session Maitreya Body Applier – Tone02 Marketplace

Top AVALE Anelle Top (Maitreya) – Gray @Vanity Event

Skirt The Annex Haven Skirt – Greige – MAITREYA ( Saturday Sale!️50L Available in 5 different ombre colors and one special color for our VIP members (free to join!).

Shoes Mosquito’s Way Sarah for Maitreya@Vanity Event

Hair Opale Miranda Hair [Rigged] @Vanity Event

Pose Secret Poses  Photographer 3 (poseball) @Pose Fair

Vanity Event

Vanity Event

2 thoughts on “My therapy”

  1. How interesting! Horses are one of the five higher animals along with dogs, eagles, dolphins and elephants. They have the ability to recognise wandering human spirits and if they get ‘spooked’ they are simply trying to lead you away from such negative things.

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