Diary Post

The magical books

When I was little I used to have many books. I remember that my grandmother was going to buy them from a bookstore in the capital. He always brought new things, giant books, with many colors, and funny stories. A little remembering those stories, which were not always the ones we already knew, let me get carried away with the scenery, as well as books always have important things to say. Reading a book helps our imagination to develop, stimulates that part of the mind where we are able to recreate the characters, and see them act, beyond enriching our vocabulary, reading lets us dream … So my friends from IONIC they escaped from the Serenity Style stories that interrupted the Aphrodite  and aKa movie night, and together with GOOSE‘s gloomy pumpkins and   [ keke ] ‘s flying leaves invite us to relax and create our own story. Not forget to take care because we are near unKindness limits doors. 

The magical books

IONIC  @The Chapter Four

ionic : IT Mouse – RARE
ionic : Spiritual Advisor Raccoon
ionic : Vampire Mouse
ionic : Harry Raccoon – RARE
ionic : The Fox Witch
ionic : Trick or treat – Jason
ionic : Trick or Treat! _ Bloggers
ionic : Trick or treat – The White Rabbit
ionic : Forest Witch Mouse
ionic : The Killer Fox
ionic : Pumpkin Mouse
ionic : The Flying Witch Mouse
ionic : Trick or treat – Freddy

unKindness @IronWood

uk – Gothic Cemetery Fence Crosses
uk – Gothic Cross Grave Memorial
uk – Gothic Cemetery Fence Post
uk – Gothic Cemetery Fence Entry

 [ keke ] @MKP

[ keke ] blow me away rowan leaves
[ keke ] bottle lights on a string . dark wood
[ keke ] willow shrub – autumn

aKa @MKP

Automotive Barstool Sits only by also Known as
Automotive bar table by also Known as

Fapple @MKP

Fapple- Puppy Love Kitty Bed- no animations

Aphrodite @MKP

Outdoor Cinema Couple seat (PG)
Outdoor Cinema Couple seat (PG)
Outdoor Cinema – Popcorn bag holder deco
Outdoor CinemaOutdoor Cinema – Popcorn deco bowl

GOOSE  @Shinny SHabby

GOOSE – Scary pumpkin white C
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin black B
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin orange A
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin white B
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin black C
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin black A
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin orange B
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin white A
GOOSE – Scary pumpkin orange C

Serenity Style @TLC

Serenity Style- Magic Book- Unknown Letters
Serenity Style- Magic Book- Flying Pages
Serenity Style- Magic Book- Snake Nightmare

Little Branch LB_KoreanBeechTree{Animated}5Seasons* @TMD

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