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Transition bedroom

Like when you’re bitten by a vampire on a dark night and spend a couple of hours in transition until you definitely choose to convert or not, my room is in the middle of it. Thanks to Merak ‘s new macabre style game, mixed with the beautiful room of unKindness (dark color), and the divine Mudhoney  corner set, I wanted to give the sensation of a mixture of styles on one side of the bed, as if it was a transition …

Transition bedroom

Merak  Modern Witch’s Belongings @TLC (Inner witch new collection, available at The Liaison Collaborative. The items can be bought separately or as a full pack !)

[Merak] – Modern Witch’s Belongings
[Merak] – Witch’s Drink {Rezz}
[Merak] – Decorative Witch Plate
[Merak] – Modern Witch Candles
[Merak] – Modern Witch Shrine
[Merak] – Modern Witch Sign
[Merak] – Modern Witch Books

[Merak] – Mixed Pot
[Merak] – Wooden Basket

Mudhoney  Rory Console Set @Salem

MudHoney Rory Rug
MudHoney Rory Mirror
MudHoney Rory Pumpkin – Painted White
MudHoney Rory Wooden Bowl
MudHoney Rory Console Table
MudHoney Rory Pillow Basket
MudHoney Rory Pottery
MudHoney Rory Canvas Painting
MudHoney Rory Twig Pumpkin
MudHoney Rory Pumpkin – Black
MudHoney Rory Pumpkin – Teal

unKindness The Journey Bedroom @Fameshed (New Journey Bedroom set features three bed style options, side tables, corner and double curtains, lamp and end table accessories , and six rug runner options!)

uK – The Journey Runner Rug v4
uK – The Journey Runner Rug v3
uK – The Journey BookStack Hers
uK – The Journey Leafy Planter
uK – The Journey Globe Table Lamp
uK – The Journey Side Table Black
uK – The Journey Bed Black PG
uK – The Journey Runner Rug v6
uK – The Journey Drapes Dbl Blk/Gold

Refuge Eclectic Halloween Gacha @Salem

Refuge – Candlestick Skull
Refuge – Candlestick Candle
Refuge – Candlestick Pumpkin

dust bunny . potted rubber tree
Kalopsia – Hanging Stars

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