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A wedding on Autumn

Well the truth is I am satisfied with this photo, I have seen thousands of photos of RL where these small colored pumpkins really exist, obviously where I live I have never seen them, in fact I do not think there is anyone here who cultivates them, or if they get the seeds somehow, but what I can aggravate is that they caused me so much tenderness that I had to show them. I had prepared my autumn table the annex of the house ofScarlet Creative  and received this gift from heaven from Camdem and I said “they have to be”, so in order to build a post for The Trunk Show, add the*G Field* satin shoes, which are obviously to wear (so here I only put them in a decorative way) along with the-shanghai- tiara, which obviously goes in the hair, but the idea was to show a table with decorations as if preparing the details for a perfect fall wedding , trying some delights of the time thatApple Fall gives me, and as it is autumn could not miss the loving leaves of[ keke ] that make my floors look completely wonderful ….

A wedding on Autumn

Deco Camdem @The Trunk Show

Camdem – Viridescent Pumpkins Tray / Texture Change
Camdem – Ivory Pumpkins Tray / Texture Change
Camdem – Crimson Pumpkins Tray / Texture Change
Camdem – Lemon Pumpkins Tray / Texture Change
Camdem – Lemon Pumpkins Tray / Texture Change
Camdem – .Tray V2 /Texture Change 1

Shoes   *G Field* Juliet Flower Heel @The Trunk Show (are wearable)

Tiara -shanghai- Helena Tiara White @The Trunk Show

[ keke ] @MKP

[ keke ] fall leaves 1 . L . hard
[ keke ] willow leaves for ground – maxi – autumn

House Scarlet Creative Magicae House

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Anashara Dining Chair – Cream
Apple Fall Anashara Dining Table
Apple Fall Bronze Leaf Apple Branches
Apple Fall Pinecones & Hazelnuts
Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair

Apple Fall @The Epiphany

1. Apple Fall Robin Buffet Table RARE
2. Apple Fall Chocolate & Cherry Tart
3. Apple Fall Magnolia Spray
4. Apple Fall Candy Corn Cauldron
6. Apple Fall Coffee To Go
7. Apple Fall Scattered Golden Acorns
8. Apple Fall Treats Platter
9. Apple Fall Pumpkin Snowman
10. Apple Fall Caramel Apples
11. Apple Fall Donut in Gift Box

tarte. wine ladder
ROIRO – Hanging planter (Ivy Hedera)
*LODE* Decor – Balts Dry Flowers [white]

The Trunk Show

The Trunk Show Info

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