Diary Post

Capturing the energy of the night

Rise and shine is finally Friday … And to begin with, since we are starting the countdown towards Halloween I leave you a mixed post with some last minute ideas for your decorations, in this case I made a mix between several designers that has been quite harmonic , to spend a night of rituals and dark tales near a bonfire. So hang your coats and enjoy this little moment … To bring joy to the day that is almost weekend, and it’s time for us all to rest, or work on our hobbies! Have a good weekend!!!

Capturing the energy of the night

Aphrodite Three witches fun Halloween deco (Deco) @Swank Event

CHEZ MOI Campfire Wood Benches (PG) CHEZ MOI INFO @Tres Chic

DaD Designs  DaD “Byron Ruined Tower” PG/Adult – c/m @FaMESHedX

[Kres] [Kres] Antique Tub – PG @Once Upon a Nightmare

Merak @Equal10

[Merak] – Zombie Apocalypse Cocktail
[Merak]- Poison Apple Cocktail
[Merak] – Zombie Apocalypse- Cocktail Dispenser
[Merak] – Pick Your Poison
[Merak] – Absolut Masquerade Cocktail REZZ
[Merak] – Drinks Cart
[Merak] – Witch’s Brew Glasses and Bottle
[Merak] – Witch’s Coasters

Refuge (Available now for Epiphany’s Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt and mainstore discount event.)@Once Upon a Nightmare

Refuge – Crystal Skull Purple
Refuge – Crystal Skull Green
Refuge – Crystal Skull Black

.:revival:.  @FaMESHedX

.:revival:. basic stool leather
.:revival:. bathroom towel
.:revival:. bathroom light
.:revival:. basic bathroom shower – ADULT
.:revival:. soap dish
.:revival:. basic bathroom sink – ADULT

Serenity Style Serenity Style- Creepy Scarecrow @MadPea Monster Hunt



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