And we are near that time of the year again!

And, in the blink of an eye, we are only two months away from Christmas … More impressive, almost two months before the end of 2018 … I never liked parties, always in my mind I dreamed about a lot of family gathered at the table, with a tree full of lights and gifts, music, joy and many children running …
In my childhood I used to spend it at home with my mother, my grandmother and my uncles. They were great Christmas, although I was always awake long enough to see the gifts, although I admit that it was always a disappointment, since obviously a working mother and a retired grandmother, large and expensive gifts, like the barbi she always wanted, were difficult for The years have passed and I admit that there was a time in my life where I had that dream.
At age 19 I became a bride for the first time, and family Christmas became a reality, without children, they were more like Christmas for adults, but my boyfriend’s family was so big that there was always a giant table full of decorated people, and even the dogs attended the evening, they loved those Christmases …
When we stopped being together, my years of Christmas and New Year ceased to make sense for many years. It hurts because my grandmother was no longer with us, and I really can not blame my mother because we just stayed.
The Christmas happened to be in the house of my godmother with his family, that although they were more than boring, the truth was that more than anything my mom was not alone. At 27 I met my dad, and there I realized that on that side of the genlalogical tree had a large family. Two sisters and one brother, who soon became inseparable. So my Christmas was spent with them as well as 24 is the birthday of my sister in the middle, and my new years with my mother in the house of my godmother. When papa died, although today it is with my sisters and brother that I get along great, and I have been given some beautiful nieces, the years that came after Papa stopped living became sad for everyone; so I decided to start my trips “holidays during the holidays” and started spending my Christmas and new years in different countries of the world with people I knew in Second Life who invited me for those dates.
As strange as the truth may seem, they were really good experiences, although my heart keeps dreaming of that big table, full of people, and children around, those experiences have filled me.
However, it is soon to arrive and with a dollar almost 40, my trips this year are canceled, and my table even without guests …

I know I’m not writing too much, and the truth is that I sometimes read boring or too pessimistic, but I think that’s what a blog is about, right ?! from time to time dare to tell some other story!

And we are near that time of the year again!


Bee designs Baby is Cold Outside Gacha @Blueprint Event
Bee Designs Pine Trees with coloured lights


Snowman Family CHEZ MOI
Christmas Farm Tree Sign CHEZ MOI
Wooden Christmas Tree (PG) CHEZ MOI

Galland Homes 

Santa’s Christmas Hut by Galland homes
Halloween Candy Basket by Galland homes


GOOSE – snow covered garden table
GOOSE – snow covered garden chair

Little Branch

LB_WhiteAshTree{Animated}4Seasons @Uber

Serenity Style

Serenity Style- Andres Happy Mood SnowMan family


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