Diary Post

Turn on the lights!

In the darkness I walk in the unknown into a pitch silence surrounding me starts to blind me
Seeking for a second chance that you lose sight of the satiation which brought you here… you don’t admit to what you fail to realize.
People see darkness as fear and light as hope which causes us to leave the lies to sink in the dept of no resolution.
Believing that someone or something out there will rescue us from the darkness in our souls.
We pretend that it’s only temporary that maybe tomorrow will be a better day .
We all choose to stay in the darkness waiting for someone to turn on the light
to release the things we find difficult to fix ourselves.
Forgetting to try…
What is there left to do when theirs no one out there who can help you?
Do we sit in the dullness
Drowning yourself with the years of remembrance reliving the past that you put your heart on hold
Letting what kills you continue to have power over the light called change …
Theirs shadows that pulls you with regrets and mistakes and bad decision..
Tangling yourself trying to
but you are the start towards a broken glass that shattered and reflects what is seen.
A broken you..Turn off the light !! you scream because you can’t take what you are or what you have become.
You lay eyes on yourself and have tears of disappointment making you wanna give up..
How can anyone out there face to see me …
Avoiding the light and finding comfort in the darkness because you have made it an expectation to feel pain that you don’t addressed what it really is.
Darkness can’t seek for light it’s what you have to do in order to reach light…
Break free from the darkness and find a home in whats bright


Turn on the lights!

[atooly.home] bad girls neon .pink. @FaMESHedX


Fapple- Closet of D
Fapple- Bistro Sub Poof
Fapple- The Rodion Mask
Fapple- Rodion Punishment Rack
Fapple- Kama Sutra Cabinet Full Set Linked
Fapple- Crime and Punishment Book
Fapple- Bondage Chair
Fapple- Letter Cubes SAFE WORD
Fapple- Mr. Grey can’t see you now
Fapple- The dream of the mare
Fapple- Bistro Magazines
Fapple- Sausage Training
Fapple- The Rodion Cage RARE


floorplan. brothel plaque
floorplan. studio light sign v2 / gold

KraftWork @FaMESHedX

KraftWork Peep-O-Rama XXX Couch
KraftWork Peep-O-Rama Dance Pole
KraftWork Peep-O-Rama Tissue Box
KraftWork Peep-O-Rama Side Table

MADRAS ARMADA Chandelier Brass MKP

{moss&mink}  @FaMESHedX

{moss&mink} Hung globe light (Right-Left) – Black

Mudhoney  @FaMESHedX

MudHoney Liza Sconce
MudHoney Liza Bra
MudHoney Liza Pantis
MudHoney Liza Heels – Black
MudHoney Liza Heels – Nude
MudHoney Liza Adult Toy Box

N4RS Indecent Six – MF @FaMESHedX

unKindness uK – Slave Cage Photo Frame- Gold @FaMESHedX

{what next} {what next} Madison Fireplace @MKP


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