Diary Post

They left the door open!

Ok, as I said in the other post I think everything is going to have a solution, I was looking at a couple of tutorials on how to upload photos to instangram, I just know that now we have to work a lot more to achieve a connection of sites and it is really cumbersome, since each of us in itself works a lot to have everything updated, get to achieve a certain number of visits, likes, etc … Finally I think that there is still some open door and not everything is persisted, that we all have the right to choose different ways to connect, and that sooner or later these giant companies are going to find a way to make their services payments, call Flickr, instangram, pinterest, etc; they are companies only looking to make money, we are only the laborers who indirectly work to make them popular …
Good luck weekend for everyone!

They left the door open!


Apple Fall

Apple Fall Bronze Leaf Apple Branches
Apple Fall Pinecones & Hazelnuts
Apple Fall Pumpkin Clonch
Apple Fall Pumpkin Clonch (Colours)

Aphrodite @MKP @Sanarae

“Magical Fall” Living Room

dust bunny

dust bunny . botanical tote
dust bunny . cozy reading


*LODE* Decor – Spiderwort Flower [white]

Mudhoney  Roman Shade Up/Down Set MKP

TLC HOME Harvest Helpers (beagles) @Cosmopolitan

TLC Beagle [Standling]
TLC Beagle [laying]

{what next}  @MKP

{what next} Colonna Hot Chocolate Station: Buffet Sideboard (with shelf decor), Hot Apple Cider Jar Dispenser -with apples, Hot Chocolate Jar Dispenser, Hot Chocolate Bar Wall Decor (lit), Beverage Extras (marshmallows), Colonna Syrup Bottles, Mug Stand, Hot Apple Cider & Hot Chocolate Mug Decor, Apples Decor, Tabletop Easel, Muffins Decor, Cookie Jar 50% off until Nov 3rd for Sale-A-Palooza Event

{what next} Quatrefoil Floor Lamp (brass)
{what next} Quatrefoil Table Lamp (brass)
{what next} Quatrefoil Wall Sconce (brass)
{what next} Starry Pumpkins (for Fifty Linden Friday)
{what next} I Love Fall Blocks (large/small) (for Fifty Linden Friday)
{what next} Madison Fireplace (for Fifty Linden Friday)

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