Diary Post

Those special corners

And I missed it … Six months waiting to re-apply and I missed the call, I do not even know how it could have happened with the times I check and re-check the post and groups, and work harder than ever because this event meant everything for me … Now I feel that I need to take vacations because I’m honestly with a thousand heads. Among all the flickr messes, instangram, people who are upset and sad, and I (sorry for not understanding them) but my head is still “stuck” on how I can have missed the application to the event …
In short, life continues and I have many of its sponsors, therefore I have already started working … So we go to the past for a while creating a small French style corner, a mixture of the rustic and glamorous of the time …

Those special corners

[ keke ] @MKP

[ keke ] fall maple leaves . whirling orange
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . whirling brown
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . brown
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . orange
[ keke ] old garden greenhouse . dark

[Kres] Ferme de bourdons Gacha  @6th Republic (opening on November 6th at 12 pm SLT until November 20th.)

Little Branch LB_JapaneseMaple{Animated}5Seasons Blueprint event

MINIMAL Alice Collection @Shiny Shabby

MINIMAL – Alice Wood Table
MINIMAL – Alice Suitcase Wood *Green*
MINIMAL – Alice Suitcase Leather *Brown*
MINIMAL – Alice Plant
MINIMAL – Alice Crystal Beauty Bell
MINIMAL – Alice Wood Basket 

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