The BED-Room

“The bedroom” does not always have to be the typical one with a bed, a dresser, a closet and two small tables … Here I play a different vision of how a warm, elegant bedroom could look. I’m preparing this new house with 6th Republic items, and the bedroom was a challenge. The truth is that only has this attic where I could put the room, there was not an extra place for a bath, so I decided that everything was together trying to preserve the spaces, to give a feeling of comfort and relaxation …

The bed-room

Granola. Florian Bath Set @6th Republic
Granola. Florian Towel Plain.
Granola. Florian Bathtub. White. PG.
Granola. Florian Shaving Mirror.
Granola. Florian Vase.
Granola. Florian Water Basin.
Granola. Florian Lavender Towel.

[ keke ]  MKP

[ keke ] starry glitter . many . 3 LI @Fameshed
[ keke ] tea lights – big random
[ keke ] bottled roses heart – white

[Kres] Ferme de bourdons Gacha  @6th Republic

[Kres] Ferme de bourdons – Sidetable (White) 
[Kres] Ferme de bourdons – Clock (Gold) 
[Kres] Ferme de bourdons – Door (White) 
[Kres] Ferme de bourdons – Chandelier (Gold) 


*LODE* Decor – Spiderwort Flower [white]
*LODE* Accesory – Kiku Bouquet
*LODE* Decor – Gladiolus Vase [white]

MADRAS  Victorian Jules Set MKP @6th Republic (Change colours HUD white/Gold/Black)

Victorian Jules Binocular Decor
Victorian Jules Kerosene Lamp Decor
Victorian Jules Table Decor

Mudhoney  Jackie Bedroom Set @6th Republic (Bed comes in PG/Adult version, HUD avaible colours change)

MudHoney Jackie Speaker Soundbar
MudHoney Jackie Bed – Adult
MudHoney Jackie Grid Wall
MudHoney Jackie Dresser
MudHoney Jackie Canvas Art
MudHoney Jackie Tube Light
MudHoney Jackie Rug
MudHoney Jackie Candle
MudHoney Jackie Speaker Small
MudHoney Jackie End Table
MudHoney Jackie Mirror
MudHoney Jackie Hanging Light


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