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The forgotten

And finally I finished the back of the garden of my house, I know that I have to take pictures because the SIM took me time (for vagrancy more than anything, because every three months broken stations therefore, among blogs, work RL / SL it’s slow) but so is my “forgotten backyard”, with a touch of autumn, winter coming in, the cold of the rains of the season, an ocean in the background calm, momentarily, waiting for the arrival of the wind that comes from the coast!

The forgotten

DaD Designs  DaD -Forgotten Summer Pool Gatcha Set

GOOSE  Garden stone wall build pack MKP

GOOSE – Wall A
GOOSE – Large pole dirty
GOOSE – Large pole
GOOSE – Dirty wall A

Little Branch

LB_WildBirch{Animated}4Seasons @TMD
LB_JapaneseMaple{Animated}5Seasons @Blueprint event
LB_WhiteAshTree{Animated}4Seasons @Uber

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