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The last night wagon

I miss traveling … Going by train Europe by train traveling those small lost cities somewhere … Closing my eyes I can still remember each of my trips and adventures, each one of the seasons, each one of those moments, like It was getting to each of those places that I chose at random by looking at the map. That feeling of knowing that after so many years of study and work, once a year I took a plane ticket from a country in Europe and from there I went from station to station traveling for three months the country of choice … I miss mogollon those times, obviously now with the devaluation of our country, there is no salary, or jobs I can do to have “that extra”, but finally, I have left to continue dreaming and remembering those good moments that I will always carry in my memory …

The last night wagon

Ionic “Let’s Go Somewhere” Gacha @The Chapter Four

ionic Train Wagon (Decor) RARE
ionic Train Wagon (Trail) RARE
ionic : Crossing Railroad
ionic : Electric Train Poles

Little Branch


SPELL @The Chapter Four

SPELL : Bike -Mushrooms – RARE
SPELL : Bike -Plants & Books – RARE
SPELL : Green Apples
SPELL : Nuts & hazelnuts basket
SPELL : Red Apples

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