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The premiere of the play

Boardwalk will launch in November 2018 as an event featuring primarily home & garden products for Second Life and offering one of the best opportunities to shop the best and most well-made items in-world.

More specifically, we will offer the following:
~ Furniture (including furniture photo props)
~ Decor
~ Garden/landscaping/hardscaping items
~ Houses & other structures
~ Skyboxes
~ Artwork & sculptures

Products will be mesh, and many/most will be 100% original mesh. (Pre-fab/templated mesh will be allowed, but only of the highest quality builds.)

The premiere of the play

Aphrodite Aphrodite big lights & petals area RARE

Dead Dollz Dead Dollz – THoB – Princess Style

Ionic Fake Falling Snow+Campanitas!

[ keke ]  MKP  starry glitter . many . 3 LI @Fameshed

MADRAS ARMADA Chandelier Brass

Starlight Designs – Vanity Stand with Mirror – Marble
Starlight Designs – Princess Privacy Screen
Starlight Designs – Queen Heart Pearl
Starlight Designs – Light up Wall Mirror Large
Starlight Designs – Fabulous Sign GLOW
Stay Happy Wall Canvas – Starlight Designs
Starlight Designs – Queen Counter Gold
Starlight Designs – Single Drawers
Starlight Designs – Large Heart Rug PEARL
Starlight Designs – Salon Stool

*SO*  @Boardwalk Event

*SO* Classic Stage – WHITE
*SO* Classic Stage Curtain – GOLD
*SO* Classic Footlight – Touch or Command

Kaerri 2018@Boardwalk Event

2018 Xmas Tree Topiary A by Kaerri
2018 Candle Slab by Kaerri
2018 Gold Bowl Xmas Arrangement by Kaerri

boardwalk LOGOBoardWalk

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