Diary Post

A typical winter day

It’s almost here. You held out hope that it would never arrive, but that bitter season always finds a way to rear its ugly head once again. That’s right, the first day of winter is fast approaching.

There is only one thing I love about winter: the holidays. I’ll admit that it’s nice to have snow for that short period of time. But, I’d be fine if it all melted immediately after the new year. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world works — winter has a cruel way of holding on for seemingly far too long.

However, as easy as it is to complain about winter, there are still some bright spots. That crisp, cool air. A soft, fresh blanket of snow. Roaring fires and steaming mugs of hot cocoa. The possibility of having a snow day and being unable to go to work.

See? Winter isn’t all bad.

A typical winter day

[CIRCA] “Great North”@Boardwalk Event

[CIRCA] – “Great North” Fir Tree Grouping with Deer (4 trees)
[CIRCA] – “Great North” Icing Fishing Pond – Ripple Snow 1
[CIRCA] – “Great North” Ice Fishing Crate Seat (2 pos)
[CIRCA] – “Great North” Ice Fishing Shack – Natural (ornate)
[CIRCA] – “Great North” Fresh Fish Display
[CIRCA] – “Great North” Barrel Table with Trout Bucket – Dark

[ keke ] @MKP

[ keke ] fairy grass . winter . 20 x 20

Little Branch

LB_WildBirch{Animated}4Seasons @TMD
LB_KoreanBeechTree{Animated}5Seasons @Enchantment

Serenity Style Wishful Cabin @Boardwalk Event

Tm Creations [The Arctic] Winter Nature Scene @Boardwalk Event

Sahi Designs Yuletide Living Pallet Set @Boardwalk Event

Sofa [PG] by Sahi Designs
Wall Tree by Sahi Designs

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