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Behind my garden

Decorating a Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition in many households, even though Christmas tree decorating as we know it now didn’t gain popularity in America until the late 19th century. Early decorations were mostly homemade ornaments and brightly dyed popcorn garlands, but today’s decorations include everything from souvenir ornaments and handmade kids’ crafts to lots of twinkling lights.

Not sure how you want to decorate your tree this year? We have plenty of Christmas tree theme ideas, along with handmade ornament ideas made from different creators.

Behind my garden

Bee-Designs Christmas Ornaments 3 @TANNENBAUM (middle tree)

[Black Bantam]

*[BB] Little Boy Justin Brown 02
[Black Bantam] Hipster Baby Boy 01


Snowy Rowboat (PG) CHEZ MOI
Bare Tree CHEZ MOI


Granola. The Frostine Sleigh. Yellow Tartan. PG.
Granola. The Frostine Sleigh. Red Tartan. PG.

GOOSE  Garden stone wall build pack MKP

GOOSE – Wall A
GOOSE – Large pole dirty
GOOSE – Large pole
GOOSE – Dirty wall A

[ keke ]  bottle lights on a string . beach wood @MKP

Mudhoney  MudHoney Antique Ornaments Gacha @TANNENBAUM (Tree on the left)

Serenity Style Cutie Christmas Ornaments @TANNENBAUM (Tree on the right)

Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic Suitcase
Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic Champagne Bottle
Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic PopCakes
Serenity Style- Jojo Cozy Blankets Basket

TLC HOME @Cosmopolitan

TLC Husky Adult [Sleeping]
TLC Husky Adult [Standing] with Breath effect
TLC Husky Puppy [Sitting]
TLC Husky Puppy [Standing]
TLC Husky Adult [Laying]

{what next}  @MKP

{what next} Winter Harvest Soup Tray
{what next} Winter Harvest Picnic Table
{what next} Winter Harvest Drinks Tray
{what next} Winter Harvest Jam Tarts
{what next} Winter Harvest Lamp
{what next} Hot Apple Cider Jar Dispenser -with apples
{what next} Colonna Apples Decor
{what next} Hot Chocolate Jar Dispenser
{what next} Colonna Beverage Extras (marshmallows)
{what next} Colonna Candy Canes
{what next} Colonna Syrup Bottles

Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)

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