Diary Post

Between autumn and winter

Between autumn and winter are those days of transition … Those days that are still warm and humid, go and feel that little wind that announces that something will change … The first morning frosts, and the pastures becomes dry
Even being autumn or being winter are those days when you need to start over …

Between autumn and winter...


ACORN Wooden Xmas Tree -Fairy Lights
ACORN Wooden Xmas Tree – small

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

Architect. ‘Fall in love’ MKP

14. Architect. ‘Fall in love’ Drape
13. Architect. Fallinlove Forever in love Marshmallows
11. Architect. Fallinlove Adirondack Chair (complex)
12. Architect. Fallinlove Fire pit
03. Architect. ‘Fall in love’ Hanging Lights
10. Architect. Fallinlove Adirondack Chair (simple)
06. Architect. Fallinlove Stool w/ pillows
09. Architect. Fallinlove Divider
02. Architect. ‘Fall in love’ Pergola
08. Architect. Fallinlove Pinecone
07. Architect. Fallinlove Table w/ logs

IONIC Autumn Pumpkins

[ keke ] @MKP

[ keke ] fall leaves 1 . L . hard
[ keke ] willow leaves for ground – maxi – autumn
[ keke ] willow leaves for ground – maxi – autumn

SPELL @The Chapter Four

SPELL : Bike -Plants & Books – RARE
SPELL : Autumn Chair
SPELL : Green Apples
SPELL : Red Apples
SPELL : Nuts & hazelnuts basket

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