Diary Post

Another winter scene

Thousands of times I have asked myself why they have rejected me, because “no such and such” creator does not want me to work with him; However I have to confess that over time I have been growing little by little in my photos, and also in my decorations, I saw myself a year ago and I really realized how much I have advanced and I feel super proud. It is strange that I say it, because in reality I am very self-critical, and sometimes I do not feel that I deserve the credit. However something good I must be doing because after a week I got 5 sponsors, and two were by invitation. Sincerely I feel super excited that you look at my work, it is an honor, to work with each of them (new and old), with all my heart THANK YOU for trusting in me, and more important “for continuing to choose me”.

Another winter scene!

Astralia MKP

Astralia – Christmas Garland (green) red bows @Uber
Astralia – Santa Express Train (up to 4 people)+Astralia – Santa Express Binary (single) (mainstore)


Snowy Rowboat (PG) CHEZ MOI

GOOSE  MKP @Arcade

GOOSE – Covered Bridge RARE
GOOSE – Bridge lightstring
GOOSE – Covered Bridge RARE
GOOSE – Date sign
GOOSE – Fence

Hive @Uber

hive // holiday garland spiral . flocked
hive // holiday garland bottom arc . flocked

 The Little Branch Red Bud Tree animated @Uber

MADRAS Snow Telephone Booth Decor @Limit8 MKP

MINIMAL Snow Scene @Uber

{moss&mink} @Fameshed

{moss&mink} Vintage Shelf – Full (Navy)
{moss&mink} Vintage Counter (Navy)
{moss&mink} Vintage store (Nordic)
{moss&mink} Vintage Shelf – Empty (Navy)
{moss&mink} Vintage Display (Navy)
{moss&mink} Vintage Shelf – Full (Nordic)

TLC HOME @Life Christmas Expo

TLC Fly Thru Diner – linked Set @TANNENBAUM
TLC Piglet Standing
TLC Piglet Laying in hollow tree
TLC Wild Boars – Scene [Winter]

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