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A little messy, but really cozy

We have been helping with the cake, 
And licking out the pan, 
And wrapping up our packages, 
As neatly as we can. 
We have hung our stockings up, 
Beside the open grate. 
And now there’s nothing more to do, 
Except To Wait.

A little messy, but really cozy

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Flocked

Astralia MKP Festive doggo edition!@Uber

Dahlia @builder’s box

Dahlia – Denmark – Cappuccino Tray
Dahlia – Denmark – Heart Stool – Gold – PG


Foxwood ~ Dyrr ~ Faux Mount ~ Light
Foxwood ~ Dyrr ~ Stool ~ Light
Foxwood – Puggies – lay – black

hive // holiday garland set – @Uber

Ionic “Joy” Gacha @The Chapter Four

ionic : Mantecados
ionic : New years eve trolley
ionic : Winter Joy (Appartment) RARE
ionic : Vintage ice skates chair
ionic : Faux Leather Couch
ionic : Firewood
ionic : Joy_Bloggers
ionic : Winter clothes trunk (B)
ionic : Winter clothes trunk (A)
ionic : Pinecone garland
ionic : Truffles with orange
ionic : Christmas tea!
ionic : Winter chocolate cake
ionic : Winter Stove
ionic : December calendar
ionic : Rosquillas de Navidad (TCF Gift)

[Kres] Ferme de bourdons Gacha  MadPea White Winter Hunt

[Kres] Fancy baubles – Green – Tall small
[Kres] Fancy baubles – Gold – Short
[Kres] Fancy baubles – Red – Tall big
[Kres] Fancy baubles – Gold – Tall small


MADRAS Bottle Wall Sconce Gold

Mudhoney @builder’s box

MudHoney Olwen Laptop
MudHoney Olwen Drink Tray
MudHoney Olwen Popcorn
MudHoney Olwen Movies
MudHoney Olwen Blankets – PG

Mudhoney  MudHoney Antique Ornaments Gacha @TANNENBAUM


Nutmeg. Miniature Set

Peaches A Raven’s Feast @Fameshed

A Raven’s Feast – Chalk Board
A Raven’s Feast – Cup Stand
A Raven’s Feast – Chocolate Chips
A Raven’s Feast – Straws
A Raven’s Feast – Cinnamon Sugar
A Raven’s Feast – Marshmellows
A Raven’s Feast – Hot Chocolate Dispenser (Noel)
A Raven’s Feast – Whipped Cream
A Raven’s Feast – Syrups
A Raven’s Feast – Side Table with Blanket (Noel)

{what next}  @MKP

{what next} Reindeer Stocking Holder
{what next} Christmas Stocking – Gold 1-2
{what next} Christmas Stocking – Quilted
{what next} Calm & Bright Wall Collage

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