El loft navideño

Whether it’s a giant house, or a small loft, the time of year leads us to continue creating Christmas environments. This is a small demonstration of how your room could look for these holidays. More options to feel that spirit waiting for Santa Claus!

El lof navideño

Apple Fall AF Paris Loft Skybox RARE

DaD Ohh my Christmas Cake”@The Epiphany

Ohh my Christmas Cake!”RARE
Gingerbread Box, 
Gingerbread Cake Trad.
Green Candy Cane mug
Red Candy Cane mug

JIAN Snowday St.Bernards 11. Snowsuit Wanderer
JIAN Snowday St.Bernards 10. Polar Bear Wanderer

[ keke ]MKP [ keke ] starry glitter . many . 3 LI

MADRAS  MKP @builder’s box

MADRAS Aish Fireplace
MADRAS Aish Fireplace Tool
MADRAS Aish Mirror Black/White


[Merak] – The Love Blankets @Acces Event
[Merak] – Hot Chocolate
[Merak] – Designer’s Bag
[Merak] – Designer’s Laptop

Refuge Christmas Ornament Gacha 2 Full @TANNENBAUM

Tartessos Arts TA SoHo Bed Set –  NEW!!! @Marketplace

TA SoHo Bedside Table
TA SoHo Bed
TA SoHo Black Rug
TA SoHo Ficus Plant
TA SoHo Flowers Jar
TA SoHo Lounge Chair
TA SoHo Phone Clock
TA Vibes Neon – Cycles
TA SoHo Turntable System
TA Morning Breakfast Tray
TA Vibes Neon – Menu
TA Soho Hanging Lamp
TA SoHo Memories Wall
TA SoHo Drawers

TA SoHo Coffee Table
TA Merry Christmas Tree
TA Gift Box Stack 2-1-3

 {what next}  @MKP

{what next} Holiday Eggnog Latte
{what next} Christmas Cookie Box

{what next} Nordic Stocking
{what next} Nordic Lamps
{what next} White Nordic Prints

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  1. Do you know how many LI does the skybox takes? Thanks


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