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Another corner of my loft!

Well after having accommodated my photos, little by little I’m finishing the loft. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the truth is that as long as I have the batteries, I will take advantage of the day. I know I would have to be on vacation, in fact I want it from the depths of my being, but I’m still going around with the days I’ll take, and if I stay away or not from SL. Mentally I’m exhausted, but I love decorating, and I think if I stop doing it I end up boring, but the truth is that I will use these indesiciones to go little by little improving with this new viewer, and bring more and more beautiful photos and post more complete!

Another corner of my loft!

8f8 *Winter Memories of Autumn Gatcha Set (at the store) NEW

[Kres] Windermere Candles – Gold (Our Windermere Candles are perfect for Christmas! There are several antler tip colours available – Gold, Black, Red, Pink, Blue and Green.) 

[Kres] Afternoon Tea (50L at the store) NEW

MINIMAL – Industrial Loft skybox – @Uber (Jan 2019) NEW

Serenity Style‘s Old Memory Set @The Liaison Collaborative (Jan 2019) NEW (It consists of 4 individual sets (scale, photo basket, trophies and sideboard) that can also be purchased in fatpack)

Serenity Style– Old Memories Sideboard
Serenity Style– Old Photos Basket
Serenity Style– Old Memories Trophy
Serenity Style– Old Memories Scale
Serenity Style– Old Memories Leaves Trophy

Tartessos Arts TA SoHo Couch Set – NEW!!! @Marketplace (At the store new set 2019)

TA SoHo Wall Clock
TA Racing Bike – Hanging (Texture change)
TA Racing Bike – Stand (Texture change)
TA SoHo Tri Lamp
TA Oriental Menu Set
TA SoHo Pouffe (Texture change)
TA SoHo Brown Rug
TA SoHo Coffee Table
TA Soho Leaves Plant
TA SoHo Feathers Plant
TA SoHo TV System
TA SoHo Armchair v2.1 (Texture change)
TA SoHo Armchair v2.1 (Texture change)

2 thoughts on “Another corner of my loft!”

  1. I would be sorry to see you go from SL, Loly, but I do understand how you can get so tired with a full time job, a home to run and working in the virtual world. Beautiful scene, as always 🙂

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