A good place to call it home

The truth is that when you do not have the chance to live a winter under the snow, sometimes it’s complicated to recreate an image, although I know regions where it snows, unfortunately, very rarely I’ve seen it, so I practically have the possibility to see landscapes completely snowed in my memories is difficult. But we are in SL, therefore if I add flowers and are not typical of the areas, think of it as something decorative and know how to excuse it. Finally try to remember the landscapes of my trip to Bariloche, and try to recreate them snowy, since in my country it is a region that usually gets covered in snow in winter, nevertheless I met it in summer, so more or less like that They saw the houses inside the woods, and they felt magical, so I suppose that under the frost they should be super cozy to call them home.

A good place to call it home

Galland Homes @Fameshed NEW!!! (The Lauren Valley is an original mesh building featuring a Colonial Design. Both floors have large and open areas and the first floor is accentuated by the large wood sliding doors. The large living room could be used as two different spaces- a living room and a den for example. This room leads to what could be a kitchen, dining area, and a sun room for an office or eating space. There is a space under the stairs for a powder room or closet – your choice. The stairs lead to a large landing which takes you either into the large master suite or the second bedroom. Finally, through the french doors in the kitchen area, you will find a large stone patio for outdoor living enjoyment.)

Galland Homes  Lauren Valley 
Galland Homes Lauren Valley Snow Roof 


TLC Red Fox CubB [Sitting] texture variant 
TLC Red Fox Adult Sniffing
TLC Red Fox Cub [With Snow]
TLC Red Fox CubB [Laying] texture variant 

 TLC   ‘Stoats Manor’  @Cosmopolitan NEW Jan 2019 (│T│L│C│’Stoats’ Manor’ – animated scene, includes stoats and stone wall, 5 texture variants, texture change on touch, base 18 LI + 2-3 LI/stoat, copy modify. Can be use separate)


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